recent shino works

The latest firing have truly been amazing, the effort in and before the firing re brushwork and attention to reduction have truly paid off.. here’s some of the latest images of my favs.. The colour and intensity of the shinos depend directly on the reduction and the intensity of it, I fire for approximately 12 hours with reduction for about half of that time. Carbon trapping and colour washes are a gift from the firing and with a heavier atmosphere comes flashes of colour in spot areas.




recent shino firing

This image is a set of small serving bowls inspired post US trip last April, amongst the Seagrove Potteries we toured were some stunning wood fired kilns and just awesome potters and their work places..

I came home all inspired and started adding copius amounts of grog to my recycled clay body which is an assortment of mid fire clay bodies some white some course grey and a small amount of iron bearing clay body thanks to the local terracotta clay.

My love of the Shino Glaze continues. I now have 3 different shino glazes and layering them is giving all kinds of lovely results.. there will be more images to follow from this photo shoot, shinos plus some lovely chuns and celedon glazed wares..