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This is the very nouveau in my Tagine process. Still 3 litres in content size with an overlaying lid, which gives the feeling of a top hat. I like this style and balance, rustic appearance yet smooth to the touch. Visually they are possibly more oriental in their form than African. The shino glaze performed well in the firing again and the flame movement through the kiln is evident in the glaze surface with some deep reds and classic orange appearance inside and out of the wares.

I am mid clay production again for the next batch and the last pugged and processed clay has been stored resting ready for another two day throwing session. After sanding these will be ready for delivery as the bases need to be smooth for table top wares, nothing worse than scratching your favourite wood table top as the pot gets passed down the table during dinner. Although with the scale of these pots I would suggest serving from them for your dinner guests.

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