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line rim shot

The last couple of firings have been remarkable in their details, stunning colours and shiny glaze responses along with tiny carbon spots just enough to make rime shots appealing. I read a comment recently on Euan Craigs website that talked about the warmth of sunsets being visable and recognizable in the colour of shino glazes. He’s not wrong there are many things to be seen in traditional glazes no matter how you fire them the surfaces are stunning. My glaze recipe is originally an american shino given to me by a canadian friend and it now has australian roots in its firing. I hope you enjoy this journey I’m on discovering a glaze and its possibilities for a lifetime.rim shot 1


Printmaking is also making a strong return to my work this year. With animalia themes combined with wallpaper images and the layering of glazes, they are very rich and bold surfaces. deco tiles

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